DYNA-FORM (dynamic formulas for time and business management). We develop ideas and processes to improve performance. These pages provide information but no current products or services for sale. Writings are added to periodically.

Timeless quote: "There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who have 'lost' their computer hard drive and those who are going to." (Read important info. on this topic).



Adapt well to any situation (reframing is a useful method that can be self taught over time).




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DYNA-FORM leather binders and form packages-items no longer for sale. Site will continue to provide time mgt. and life mgt. info. Section below can be used to build your own system-follow steps:

Step 1. Choose a binder. Ideal-3 rings. We suggest a binde aprox. size,. 9 3/4 x 7 3/4 (inches). 3 ring binders allow for easy hole punching for any of your own forms, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 (inches). . *No special hole punches needed - just reset a regular 3 hole punch. No zippers or clasps - open and use - lies flat. Many advantages over wire bound and 7 ring binders used by Franklin, Day Timers and Day Runners.  Time mgt. forms, pricing and comparison Binders can be purchased without time management forms. Excellent for use as your day planner, project binders, archiving etc. . Compact and versatile. Select image for details.Leather binder and accessories. Purchase a binder and add the following inserts as per Step 2. Build your own system-accepts all common forms. Reduce your office space needs by using these compact binders instead of full size binders. They are also easier to transport if traveling. Ideal for workbooks and then archiving records. Professional look. See Product and services descriptions for ideas.

Step 2: Planner forms suggestions:
  • One page per day-dated.
  • Two pages per week-dated.
  • Tabbed monthly: 2 pages per month-dated.
  • Tel./address, expenses, notes
  • Project files/tasks
  • Pen, (Cross refill);
  • 2 storage envelopes
  • Business card envelopes (and/or photograph business cards)
  • Planner forms packages. Select image for details. Purchase forms at Staples or Walmart. Note 7 hole pages will fit 3 ring binders.

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