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Project management is both an art and science. The web sites below, provide examples of how various industries/organizations use project management to achieve their planned objectives. Remember, project management is similar to being on thin ice. Uncertainty is a great stimulus for action. Always be alert and responsive.

Project management matrix designed by F. Pentney. Use this link to get an overview of the sequential process
Links to other project management resources: Free project management software
1.1  Project management course taught to G. Brown College students, Toronto, Ontario. (BUS 1040 2002-2004) by Fred Pentney. Student Home page Useful project management resources on these pages. 1.2  Project management course taught to universiity undergraduate students at Geo. Brown College. (BUS 4017 2003-2004) by Fred Pentney. Student Home page. Useful project management resources on these pages.

 1.3 Business management courses taught by Fred Pentney at Seneca College, Ontario, Canada 1998-2000. Organizational Behavior and use of MS XL spreadsheets for business analysis. Student Home page-disconnected from SC server.

2.1 Project Mgt. Institute
2.2 http://www.pmforum.org/ 2.3 Source of P.M. forms-good links
3.1 Most used software
M/S  Project 
3.2 MS Project Tour  
 M/S Project Tour 
3.3 Tenrox-MS Project Integration
software case studies
4.1Articles on P.M.
4.2 http://www.pmforum.org/warindex.htm 4.3 http://management.about.
5.1Prot-process designject management 5.2 Enterprise solutions 5.3 http://www.4pm.com
6.1 For AIC members/web based tools for P. M. http://www.vcsonline.com/ 6. 2 Ontario Government web sites (SS Consulting)http://www.timemanage.com/ss.html 6. 3 Customer Relationship Web sitehttp://www.realmarket.com/calendar/calendar031803.html
7. 1 Project Management Institute-course and accreditation http://www.pmi.org/info/PDC_ApprovalWrkshp.asp 7.2 Degree course Accreditation Handbook 7.3 Software Resources-white papers
8.1 Charter sample document:http://www.iil.com/members/projcharter.pdf 8.2 Industry sample documents and strategies for project management.IT. 8.3Project Success article
9.1 Construction industry projects:http://www.constructiontimes.co.uk/default.asp?channel_id=39

9.2 Software Resources-white papers

9.3 Intn'l Project Mgt.Assn.
10. 1 Project Management Institute-course and accreditation http://www.pmi.org/info/PDC_ApprovalWrkshp.asp 10.2 Degree course Accreditation Handbook 10.3Proj. Mgt. Boulevard

11.1 Mindtools, Project management

11.2 Department of Defense

11.3 www.projectnet.com
12.1 M.I.T. Info. Systems P.M. MIT project mgt. 12.2 New Grange Centre for P.M. 12.3 http://www.realmarket.com
13.1Project Mgt. Centre 13.2 Project Mgt. Knowledge base 13.3 Project Mgr.'s Home Page
14.1 Guide to Project Mgt. Research sites Umea University 14.2 Resource links from Gido and Clements, Successful Project Management, 2003. Thomson/South Western. Publisher's web link for this text www.towson.edu/~clements

14.3Research sites for project management www.fek.umu.se/

Link not connectng Aug. 05 under review

15.1One hundred rules for PM from MIT. This link will take you to their index page. 15.2 A list of sites Link not connecting. Under review - April 25, 2014 15.3 Project Management Solutions
16.1 Task scheduling software - claimed easier to use the MS Project 16.2 Project times newsletter 16.3 Milestone UK Useful resources focus on PM software
16.4* http://www.constructionmanagementdegree.com Excellent project managment education sources and information 16..5 On Line Reference Guide to Project Mgt. 16.6 AFA project mgt. resources




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