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How to use this web page: This page is now primarily Course and Class activities. Study materials are on the Verzuh pages and linked, dedicated topic pages. On this page there is a summary of class activities in the weekly section.  PowerPoint for the Week are on this page. Handouts can be accessed from this page. Note:  Week 5 which was posted the week before the exam contained many clues for taking the Mid Terms. including the Terms and Definitions.  See Terms and Definitions link in first row.
Week 14 Assignment: review the Verzuh book plus see Wk 14. PowerPoint Use link below. To make it easier to study for the exam, I will not change the existing PowerPoints I will add necessary material to the Verzuh page matrix. Final exam. 30% Wk 15. Dec. 9-13, 2002. Same time. Same class room but re-arranged. See Week 14 Class Report for what to study and what not to study. 
Useful Links
Verzuh book review by topic
Includes Term
and definitions
Group Project Written Assign. New. Verzuh page references. Use for final exam review  Your Questions-my Answers
  • Some additional  last minute answers for review.
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    Course Schedule
    Click on Week Headings for further detail on that week's class (Class Reports)
    Week #  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7  Oct. 14-18
    Home assignments
    + marking 
    students pictures
      Week 2 PowerPoint Week 3 P.PT Hand in Project Selection. 1 mark Hand in Terms.
    2 marks. Work with one partner O.K. 
    Hand in Project proposal
    checklist. 2 marks. See detail.
    Discuss your project with team-select.
    Wed. Groups
    Friday groups
    In class: Group marking scheme Group work-
    build model. 1 mark. Pictures.
    Group work-Pot of tea/CPM. 1 mark. Group work-
    people. 1 mark.
      Group work 
    -class data base. 1 mark


    Mid term test
    20% marks.
    1. Handouts.
    Group work guidelines-2 pages
    1. Project software review I mark.
    2.  Detailed marking scheme for final Group project. 
    3. Samples of good charts and diagrams re. tests.
    Resources for week-          Project info. link  
    Other class learning, outcomes   Video-P.M.   Video-3M Renovate kitchen Form groups-delayed
    to Week 7
    Mid term exam review-in class.
    Reading    pp. 1-30   pp. 37-72 pp. 101-119   catch up.

    Second half semester Week  8. 
    Oct. 21-25
    Week  9.
    Week 10
    Nov. 4-8
    Week  11.
    Nov. 11-15
    Week 12 
    Nov. 18--22
    Week 13  Nov. 25-29 Week 14
    Dec. 2-6
    Week 15
    Dec. 9-13
    Home assignments
    + marking 
    Work on your Group Project.  Class PowerPoint  Class PowerPoint  Week 11 Class
    PointPoint - Controls
    Week 12
    Week 13 PowerPoint


     Week 14 PowerPoint Includes the movie questions. Answers in next link. Week 15
    In class: 
    No classes Intercession
    group work.
    1 mark.
    Work on Group Project in class, 1 mark
    Team Pop Quiz
    1 mark. 
    Work on Group Project in class, 1 mark
    Class Pop Quiz 1 mark.
    Work on Group Project in class, 1 mark Question 31. WBS, Estimate, Schedule, Gantt
    Written portion of  all Groups projects due.
    Wed./Fri.  4 presentations 30%
    5 Group projects remaining Wed. presentations.

    In class group work, 2 marks. Handout for mark. if late. 1 mark. 

    The movie questions will be in exam in some form 
    Exam review. Use above Verzuh book link - matrix and contents.
    See Class Report below - what to study and what not to study.
    Final Exam


    Handouts & resources for week- Executive summary guidelines H. O. Networks and backward pass.
    HO. Negotiation
    Pop quiz
    hand out.
    Pow.Point H.O.
    Pop quiz handout and on web Pow.Point H.O. Project leader H.O.Group perf. rating Web CT On line. Quizzes-being developed. Pop Qiz answers for Week 10-11 handed out. Tutorials available as needed. Identify your needs this week!!!! Have you read all the Verzuh readings?Verzuh page. ref. guide.

    Our new last minute questions page. Y.A.Q. 

    Other class learning, outcomes   Group project
    Resources Leveling
    Monitoring. Controlling 
    Reporting internal/external 
    Closing out the projects. 
    Project auditing.

    Project problem

    Solving project problems, plus exam review.

    Week 13 PowerPoint 

    Reading  Start early. pp. 120-152 pp. 153-178 pp. 219-260  pp. 300-309    

    Week 14. I have completed marking the Group Project Written Assignment. I will provide each student with a copy of the detailed scoring. I have done an Close out audit of the results and entered my comments and recommendations related to what the Project teams might have used as a strategy to get better marks. I have also provided a Hand out this week of the page references in the Verzuh book for each of the topics on the Group Project. These references will be an assist in reviewing for the exam. I have now combined the above two items as one Handout. To get this handout go to the Week 14 link above.

    What should you study for the exam? Listed in order of importance based on your time available.

    1. Use the guides provided on the slides in Week 14 PowerPoint including the movie questions. I will post the movie answers late Sunday if you missed class.

        Make sure you do the online Quiz on Web CT -its in Evaluation Tools.  Many of these questions will be rearranged as exam questions. You get two marks for getting them all right.. You can repeat the test many times.

    2. Our new last minute questions page. YAQ-your answered questions. As student send me questions I will post. This replaces the Discussion pages usually found on WebCT.

    3. Review all your second Semester Power Points. The exam will be mainly from the second semester items but plus the basics of Project Management: the P.M. industry, success criteria, definition of Project and operations from Week 2 and 3 PowerPoints. Just the basics.

    4. Definitely review the Verzuh Matrix (Verzuh book review) and the WBS Matrix. These were handed out in class but are on this Web Site.  Use the link on top of this page to get there. I know there is a lot of material so I will use what we agreed on in class that you should focus on. If you missed class look for clues.

    5. For specific readings from Verzuh on terms etc. you can use the new Page reference created for the Group Assignment that is also linked at the top of this page.

    What will not be in the exam!

            The long decision making model we used in the mid term to buy a car and and was used in the mid term.

    Week 13. Nov. 25-29, 02.

    Wed. and Fri. groups presented. Good work. Entertaining and informative.

    Ravon you need to contact me S.A.P.

    In class group work. The Week 13 PowerPoint provides the learning objectives which include conducting a close out learning audit of your project and reviewing the processes for handling specific project problems, such what do you do if you are behind schedule, or what to do if your team isn't motivated.

    Class group work ( 2 marks) was conducting a project close (debrief) of what was learned by each person relevant to their role on the project. If you missed class you can complete the document provided on your own and hand it in Week 14. The guideline can be found on the PowerPoint. the handout can be obtained from the link under Class Group work. ( See Handout link). You will, however, only receive 1 mark, re: the missed group activity. See page 3 and 10 of handout.

    I had a rather interesting discussion with one of the project managers (RL) who asked me - why do we have to discuss our roles with the rest of the group if we are completing personal evaluations? Good question. My reply, and I am not sure if I was convincing was that as a result of reviewing the project as a group and discussing it, things would be remembered that might have been forgotten, and an understanding develops of why things happened way they did. Remember, not all groups worked with the same level of cohesiveness. The discussion gives the Project Manager feedback on what he or she might do differently. We would call this process a debriefing in a regular business context and it can prove quite valuable as a two way communication tool. My reviewing the answers gives additional value from a course monitoring perspective.

    More presentations this Week. Please be in class on time. We have been delayed while Groups rehearse their presentations during class time. This impacts on the learning time scheduled. All Groups should be in class ready to present at 8 am. and we will select the order by draw. If you are not in class you might miss your opportunity to present. We would also like to have a full audience watching the presentations out of respect for the teams and their work.

    Are you reading the text before you come to class? Remember if you read the Verzuh text, review the posted PowerPoint slides you will have points of reference for the material presented in class and it will be easier to store and recall.

    Week 12. Nov. 20-22, 02. Presentations. 4 groups. 22 minutes each. See Week 11 for some tips.  Answers for the Week 10 and 11 Pop Quiz were provided as a handout in Week 12 with the PowerPoint handouts.

    Week 12 summary. Congratulations to the Groups who presented. Very professional, informative and entertaining. I am also happy to report that all groups, both Wed. and Friday completed and submitted their written Project assignments on the specified day-if not quite to the specified hour! I trust we all learned a lot from the experience.

    Those groups who haven't presented yet might want to review the tips on presentation in the Week 12 PowerPoints. 12% marks available.

    Last part of the class was spent reviewing problem solving and or the new format on the BUS 1040 web site. More project problem in Week 13.

    Those students who were absent for whatever reason should contact me before next class to discuss your individual situation. I will provide opportunity where it is justified and in keeping with college policy.

    Week 11. Nov. 13, 02. Class activity review.
    POP Quiz. Schedules and Estimates (click on this link to get the test that was given as a handout in class.) You can work in pairs in class to speed this test up. 45 minutes have been allowed for the test. 30 quick answers and then a Task list conversion to a WBS, an estimate of costs, a schedule and a Gantt chart. I have posted Qu. 31 on a separate link so you can print it off. Explanation to answer as follows:

    Qu. 31  Click here for page (hand out in class).To answer think of the relationship between the parts of the question.

    WBS theory and examples.See our new web page dedicated to answering questions about WBS and all of the WBS examples we have used in our classes.
    Other key learnings: Controls. The purpose of the project controls is to keep  the project as close to the plan as possible. This stops scope creep (the cost, schedule and quality).  The Week 11 PowerPoint presentation gives us the various techniques and tools that are used. Different situations require one or more approaches. Next week we will look at combinations of tools and techniques that can be applied to specific challenges. e.g. Your team isn't motivated. I have already listed some of these at the end of this web page.

    Group Project written work and 4 presentations - next week. Nov. 20-22. All groups are required to submit their written work next week. Wed. 4 groups have agreed to present and the remainder (5) will present in the following week Nov. 27-29.

    A question was raised about the checklist I provided in Week 7 as a guide to what you could submit and a marking scheme. Do you have to submit all the documents? I would ask you why not? Each one represents an aspect of the project development. There are templates in the book on how they filled out. In some cases you could put more than one form on a page.

    Examples of form use: One group asked me could they change their project? Why not show this aspect of the project on a Change Order Request form and indicate which other documents were influenced as a result. Issues logs. What issues have your group had to deal with. Why not list them on a form and how you dealt with them?

    The presentations: what you should do?  This section is repeated on PowerPoint, Week 12. Try and make your presentation informative, interesting and motivating. Please don't just read from your written portions. You can hand in your assignment right after the presentation. Speak about your experiences in developing the project. Let your individual talents show. Each person should have an active role (speak) in the presentation, even the person who runs the PowerPoint-if you have one. E.g. Tell us of the challenges you had in gathering the information from the group members. Try and leave us with an impression about your as a cohesive working team. Would we buy your groups services after your presentation? Are you enthusiastic, energetic (without being over the top), well informed and logical in your presentation. Try include some visuals, handouts ? prizes? mild theatrical devices (exits and entrances, openings and conclusions)

    Other considerations. Can you demonstrate the linkages between the various parts of the project? e.g.  Hi level to detailed plans. The WBS packages to the Responsibility matrix. The Definition stage to the final deliverables and how you assessed whether the customer was satisfied? If you or made changes talk about which had issues on the teams or with your clients explain how you handled situations - in project management language. Impress your group you know how to cope with challenges.

    Ask your Project Manager to Email me if you have questions. Discuss with your P.M. first. I will post answers to  questions that will benefit all groups.

    End of this Week 11 class.

    Week 10. Estimating intro. More terms to learns. Estimates and Bids-differences. Padding, Accuracy: Ballpark, Order of magnitude, Detailed. Phased Estimates: Apportioning, Parametric.  Bottom up, top down. Iteration reiteration. Labour, Materials and Cash flow. Handout. We will use everyday examples to help you grasp these new concepts and terms. They are easy to remember and understand if you apply them to everyday situations. I will add exam review notes to the Power Points during the next three weeks.

    Weeks 9.
    We will be watching a new movie this week, titled:  "Taking the Madness out of Project management."

    Status report on Group work completed during class.  To those who were not in class.  It is very important that you are in class, on time, each week to work with your group. This is a business course and as such the conduct of the students should be equivalent to what is required in a business environment. Being a good team player is
    core competency for any employee today.  In project management terms, I am monitoring the above situation and need to bring it into control. to get the class presentations completed on time, and with good quality (indicated by your marks). I need to exercise my people and project skill to assist your Project Managers. Communication will be the key in this process. This report is a form of communication.  It would be helpful of each of you sent me an Email from the address that you prefer to use so that I can contact you with regard to anything that can assist you in the future. Some of you are still not in groups. I can link you to others.

    The marking for this course includes discretionary marks for group work in class. The Project Managers are required to submit a weekly report to me on the participation of  group members. See the handout provided for the criteria.
    We have three weeks to go before the presentations. I trust this report will serve to remind you of the importance of  being in class.

    The following documents were required for this week.

    note: You will produce a final version of the above documents for entry into your Project book
    If you are not in class and contributing to your group you will lose marks unless you make up the time and effort as per your entire group's agreement.

    Class learning objectives/instruction for the week:

    Review week 7 learning on Project management software. Receive handout on key uses of MS Project.
    Review the Proposal submissions. F. Pentney will create a Master list from your homework assignment submissions.
    There will be a Final Test question on Proposals.
    Negotiation: One term mark for participating in this interactive assignment. You will be given a handout that leads your through a negotiation process. In pairs you will choose a area of conflict and negotiate with each other to a settlement.

    Scheduling. Read pages 120-